Galapagos Islands Wolf and Darwin home to largest shark biomass in...

Photo by Enric Sala/National Geographic A group of hammerhead sharks swims over the sandy seafloor populated with garden eels at Darwin Island. These sharks are known for their ability to make sudden and sharp turns as the unique wide-set placement of their eyes allows them a vertical 360-degree view, which is ideal for stalking their prey.
More sharks live around the Galapagos Darwin and Wolf Islands than anywhere else on the planet

Jellyfish stings: heat better than cold

Lion's Mane Jellyfish by Tim Nicholson
Jellyfish stings are responsible for more deaths than shark attacks each year. Even “mild” stings can hurt for hours or sometimes days and leave lasting scars. According to some estimates, more than 150 million people are stung by jellyfish each year. New research shows that applying hot packs or immersing in hot water is much better for treating jellyfish stings than cold water which was previously widely recommended.

Right Whales Threatened by Planned Seismic Surveys Along US Coast

North Atlantic Right Whale, Mother and Calf
Rare right whales would be harmed by planned surveys using extremely intense explosions. Companies have applied to survey as much as 90,000 miles of trackline off America's East Coast, running back and forth over the same area during the first year alone.