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A beautiful coral reef is a healthy coral reef: new system judges health and beauty of reefs just from underwater photos.
Rich cold-water coral reef in the Whittard Canyon area by the Isis ROV

The UK's National Oceanography Centre has produced the first true three-dimensional picture of submarine canyon habitats, using a unique combination of marine robotics and...
Total ocean alkalinity from space.

Remote monitoring of large swathes of inaccessible ocean from satellites that orbit the Earth some 700 km above our heads is set to revolutionise...
Underwater robot maps sea ice

An underwater robot has enabled researchers to produce the first detailed, high-resolution 3-D maps of Antarctic sea ice. Scientists from the UK, USA and...
Deep Sea fish

Fish living in deep waters on the continental slope around the UK play an important role carrying carbon from the surface to the seafloor. It...

British travel companies Thomson and First Choice have cancelled all flights to Mombasa until October after the UK Foreign Office warned against all but...

Divers visiting Thailand can now re-enter the county as often as they like. The Thai government has relaxed the rules which limited tourists to...
Solid Air project removes need for diving tanks of compressed air

Students win $1000 to advance their process by which oxygen and nitrogen can be harnessed in solid form and used by SCUBA divers.
Diving on Shouna

The number of UK diving incidents falls to lowest level in 21 years. Even so, there were 136 incidents in 2013, including 10 fatalities.
Manta Rays and Margarita by Karen Begelfer

"My theory on choosing dive companies via the internet is simple: if the pictures of divers have happy expressions and there is at least one photo of an ocean-loving dog on the site, the dive shop has to be good" writes Karen Begelfer in her book Manta Rays and Margaritas.