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Wave-Powered Robot Completes 9000 Mile Journey

The first wave powered autonomous marine robot, called “Papa Mau”, has completed a 9,000 nautical mile (16,668 kilometers) scientific journey across the Pacific Ocean to set a new world record for the longest distance travelled by an autonomous vehicle. Throughout its journey, Papa Mau navigated along a prescribed route under autonomous control collecting and transmitting […]

Aqua Lung Recalls Scuba Regulators and Adaptors

Aqua Lung USA are recalling Titan DIN 1st Stage Scuba Regulators and Titan/Conshelf DIN Scuba Adaptors. Over-tightening of the DIN retainer by a technician during installation can result in the retainer breaking under pressure, a rapid escape of air from the scuba cylinder, and the regulator detaching from the cylinder. This poses a drowning hazard […]

Regulators Recalled

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission have recalled Oceanic and AERIS SCUBA Regulator First Stages. Divers should immediately stop using these items and take them to any authorised Oceanic or AERIS dealer for a free replacement part An internal component that seals air between the high pressure first-stage and the intermediate pressure second-stage can fail. […]