Life is getting you down and you need some serious change? If the typical chocolate ban or healthy eating plan has never worked for you, maybe it’s time to think bigger. What would really make you happier? What would give you a sense of fulfilment, contentment or achievement?

Here are 5 major new year’s resolutions that will give you a complete life overhaul.

1. Go travelling – alone 

Not everyone can travel the world without a companion, but everyone should do it at least once. If your life feels like it’s come to a standstill and nothing is inspiring you anymore, embark on a globetrotting adventure and go on a journey to essentially ‘find yourself’. Going solo broadens the mind, allows you to focus more on the destination, opens up more opportunities to meet locals, pushes you to be more confident, and helps you feel more comfortable in your own skin. 

For people who have never really spent time by themselves, this can be such an eye-opening, spiritual and educational life exercise. 

2. Start that business you’ve always wanted

If your career is not going in the direction you want, and you’ve always dreamed of working for yourself, it may be time to push yourself to achieve your goals next year. There’s no time like the present and the best business leaders don’t let fear of failure stand in their way. 

In fact, failing is all a part of the bigger learning curve. Successful tech entrepreneur Elon Musk has mastered the “art of failing” and used it to his advantage. So don’t be intimidated – you won’t know your potential until you’ve put it to the test.  

3. Study a new subject 

Always wanted a different career path? It’s never too late to pursue a different vocation if you’re truly passionate and determined. Even if that’s not possible, nothing can stop you from taking an interest. You don’t have to go back to university to take up a new specialism. Not everyone has the spare cash to do that, and many need to have a stable job to make ends meet. If you can’t be a full-time student, you can still study as a hobby. Online courses, lectures and videos are available for many areas of interest, from astronomy and exobiology to ancient history. 

4. Go vegan 

It may sound easy, but veganism is trickier than it sounds. The leather on your shoes, the wax in your hair products, the honey in your pale ale – they’re all animal products that can trip you up. To become 100% vegan in all areas of your life is a big change, one that requires a lot of research and planning. If you have a family, this can be even harder as there are so many things you can’t have while having the task of catering for everyone’s needs. 
But if you’re seriously dedicated, there are ways to cut animal products out of your life for good. You just have to have the right resources to help you out. 

5. Give up your time for charity 

Donating money to charity is easy, but actually giving up your time and putting yourself out there is trickier. For those who typically work five days a week, it does mean losing out on a day’s pay. But the benefits are endless if you struggle with mental health and happiness. Charitable work gives you a real purpose. If you’re not a career go-getter, helping others may be your calling. Or if you don’t have a very large social circle, doing charity work is brilliant for tackling feelings of loneliness – it’s good to feel needed and to be able to give back, and philanthropy helps you do just that.


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