Aqua Lung USA are recalling Titan DIN 1st Stage Scuba Regulators and Titan/Conshelf DIN Scuba Adaptors.

Over-tightening of the DIN retainer by a technician during installation can result in the retainer breaking under pressure, a rapid escape of air from the scuba cylinder, and the regulator detaching from the cylinder. This poses a drowning hazard to divers.

Aqua Lung asks all the owners of TITAN DIN regulators whose serial number is lower than 6062501 or TITAN/CONSHELF DIN adaptors that are marked 300 BAR MAX to return their regulator to their Aqua Lung authorized retailer for an upgrade.

All the TITAN DIN regulators whose serial number are above 6062501 and/or whose DIN handwheel retainer is marked 300 BAR MAXI are assembled with a stainless steel DIN handwheel retainer and are not affected by this recall.

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