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Southern Right Whale

Acoustic Tools Help Whales

New acoustic sensors are being used in research and conservation projects around the world, with some very important practical results. Among them is improved...
Sustainable fishing stamps

Stamping out over-fishing

For the first time, Britain's Royal Mail has issued stamps championing an environmental issue - and that issue is over-fishing.

Factors of extinction and how some species are bouncing back

Humans, given their tendency to atrocity, have a preconceived notion that we have dominion over the earth and everything that’s in it - you...

Caribbean Corals in Danger of Extinction

Caribbean coral species are dying off, indicating dramatic shifts in the ecological balance under the sea, a new scientific study of Caribbean marine life...

Greenpeace Launches 7 Step Climate Campaign

Greenpeace are launching a 7 Step Climate Campaign, starting with what they consider the most outrageously wasteful of electrical household items: the incandescent light...

Fashion industry getting on board with reef conservation

In response to huge consumer demand, ethical fashion is on the rise. Although perhaps unlikely partners at first glance, the fashion industry is teaming...

IUCN to unveil mysteries of the deep

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) hopes that its new project will reveal the mysteries of southern Indian Ocean seamounts and help...
Acropora Table Coral. Photo credit: Tim Nicholson.

Over 30% of Species Threatened with Extinction

IUCN today released the latest update of their Red List of Threatened Species, on the eve of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development in...

Fiji achieves her first certified sustainable tuna fishery

Fiji achieves first sustainable tuna fishing award, the fourth country in the South Pacific to do so.

Sipadan Development Scaled Back

The contract for the controversial RM4.5 million (£650 000, US$1.2 million) clubhouse project on Sipadan, Malaysia, has been terminated. However, a smaller, "environmental-friendly"...