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Caribbean Big Fish Disappearing

Sharks, barracuda and other large predatory fishes disappear on Caribbean coral reefs as human populations rise, endangering the region's marine food web and ultimately...

New initiative to reduce shark deaths

Today, the Shark-Marina, a not-for-profit company launches its strategy to prevent the deaths of millions of vulnerable and endangered species of shark. The...

No More Shark Fishing in Red Sea

A recently issued Eyptian decree will finally ban shark fishing in the Red Sea. This gives the conservation association HEPCA the legislative means to...

Four Times more Sharks caught than Officially Reported

Three to four times as many sharks are killed for their fins as are reported in the official figures.Researchers looked at trade in shark...
Hammerhead sharks

Shark Fin Sales Halved in China

Good news at last for sharks: prices and sales of shark fin are falling in China by 50-70% according to a report by WildAid.
Marble Ray

Marble Ray is Creature of the Month

This month's featured creature is the giant Marble Ray. Three metres long it is not aggressive but watch out for the spines on its tail.
Great white shark

Like Sharks? Volunteer with Great White Shark Project

The 1974 film "Jaws" immortalized the Great White but also did more damage to the image of the Great White Shark than they could...
White Shark, Carcharodon carcharias

Do White Sharks mistake Surfers for Seals?

Great white sharks know surfers aren't seals - most are just curious
Great white shark

Tags reveal Great White Sharks’ Beat

A tracking study of white sharks in the northeastern Pacific Ocean shows they follow a rigid migration route across the sea, returning to precisely...
Shark feed - Tiger Shark

Shark Feeding Dives change Relative Abundances of Sharks

Shark feeding dives are increasing, yet are controversial. Shark tourism has great economic benefits, and can help shark conservation. What are the drawbacks?