The Club of Sport Diving Tachov together with the Diving Union of the Czech Republic and City of Tachov are holding their 34th annual International Divers Festival for underwater films, photography and children’s artwork.

The festival takes place on the 30th March and 1st of April, but the deadline for entries is 19th of March. It is open to both amateurs and professionals. There is also a category for children’s paintings and ceramics. Photos may be uploaded on-line.

Prizes you can win include diving trips, diving equipment and original ceramic and bronze sculptures to a total of 10000 Euro.

There are several categories to be entered, including: black and white photo; colour seawater photo; colour freshwater photo; beginner’s photo; portfolio of photographs including wide-angle, diver, marine animal and macro; amateur film – up to 20 minutes; professional film – no time limit; beginner’s film – up to 10 minutes and children’s artwork.

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