Following several months of research, Paul Vinten and Aaron Bruce from Hurghada Emperor Tekstreme have found the wreck of a ferry lying at a depth of between 64 and 83m. The Al-Qamar Al-Saudi Al-Misri sank north of the main port of Hurghada. It is intact and lying on its starboard side

Says Paul, “When the image of the wreck came on the echo sounder, smiles appeared on the faces of me, Aaron and the captain & crew. To find a wreck like this, and then to dive it, gave us all a great sense of achievement and whilst swimming round the wreck I couldn’t stop thinking that I may be the first diver to see this. An amazing feeling!”

The 125m-long ferry sank in a fire caused by an explosion in its engine room in 1994.

The boat’s 505 passengers and 63 crew were forced to abandon ship. Several vessels came to the aid of the stricken vessel, including the USS Briscoe, however the ship capsized and 21 people lost their lives.

Source: Emperor Divers

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