The British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) is calling for a re-think of St Abbs Lifeboat Station closure plans.

Over the last few weeks BSAC has been directly engaging with the RNLI to hear their reasoning behind the decision to remove the St Abbs Lifeboat, to express the concerns of BSAC and its members over the proposed closure and to ensure that any alternative lifeboat provision did not compromise diver safety.

St Abbs, in the south east of Scotland, is a popular diving destination and has been a Voluntary Marine Reserve since 1984.

BSAC Chairman Eugene Farrell said of the decision to directly support the campaign against the closure of St Abbs Lifeboat Station:

“It is clear to us now that while we will continue to try to work with the RNLI to ensure there is sufficient provision in the area, for our members one less lifeboat station around St Abbs is simply not acceptable. I have been to visit the St Abbs Lifeboat Station today to see the facilities and have spoken to divers, lifeboat crew and local people myself to hear their concerns. ”

He added “Every minute counts when a diver or other sea-user is in trouble. We must now directly represent our members’ concerns and call for the St Abbs Lifeboat Station to remain open and to provide what is to many, an essential and potentially life-saving service in an area that is very busy in diving terms.”

Divers can make their personal views on the proposed closure of St Abbs Lifeboat Station known to the RNLI, either by contacting the RNLI directly or via the Save St Abbs Lifeboat online petition.

Photo credit: Cheesladder [CC BY 3.0]


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