The British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) has published its Annual Diving Incident Report for 2015. This year’s report records a total of 226 incidents, up by ten on last year. However, fatalities were the lowest for twenty years.

BSAC have monitored and reported on diving incidents since 1964. Their report contains details of diving incidents in British Waters involving divers of all affiliations and nationalities, and incidents occurring world-wide involving BSAC members.

Some key features of the 2015 report include:

  • The lowest recorded figure for UK fatalities for over 20 years
  • A trend of correlation between age and medical conditions being a factor continues
  • Incidents of decompression illness continues to fall
  • There was an unusual pattern of reported incidents in spring and early summer

Brian Cumming, the BSAC Diving Incidents Advisor, commented “Most of the incidents reported within this document could have been avoided had those involved followed a few basic principles of safe diving practice.”

He hopes divers will learn from others’ mistakes. “They have had the courage and generosity to record their experiences for publication, the least that we can do is to use this information to avoid similar problems.”

The 2015 ‘Incident Year’ ran from 1st October 2014 to 30th September 2015. Nine people died in diving incidents, of which only three were BSAC members. All were over 43 years old.

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