Up until recently diving on the Fu Shan Hai, Europe’s largest wreck, was prohibited. Now though, after a project by Danish Technical Divers, the Danish Authorities have removed the ban.

The Chinese Bulk Carrier the Fu Shan Hai, and the Gdynia, collided on 31 May 2003 3 miles from Bornholm, Denmark.

After the collision, the Fu Shan Hai stayed afloat but the bow kept sinking as the hours went by. After the collision the master realised that the ship was in danger of sinking and he transmitted a MAYDAY distress signal. At around 1330 hours, the crew had abandoned the ship in two life boats.

At 2049 hours the same evening the Fu Shan Hai sank with a harmless cargo of fertiliser. She now rests at 68 meters. However the ship’s heavy fuel oil created a hazard for the environment. In the months following the sinking, around 1460 tons of oil were removed.

After the clean up operation was completed the Danish Maritime Authority banned diving on the wreck. However, from 29 July to 5 August 2006 a group of Technical Divers were given permission to dive the wreck and document the condition. As a result of this the Danish Maritime Authority has lifted the ban.

For more information see the Fu Shan Hai Project

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