We recently noticed that some people were automatically posting our SCUBA News on their Twitter feeds. We thought SCUBA News readers might also like to do the same, and gain more followers for their Twitter accounts. New research suggests that sharing informational content attracts followers with an effect that is thirty times higher than those who just share information about themselves. So if you would like to share our Scuba and marine environment news, and gain more Twitter followers, this is how to do it.

We make our news available as an RSS feed: http://www.scubatravel.co.uk/scuba.xml. With this, third party programs can post new items to Twitter at regular intervals. We like Twitterfeed.com, which is a free service. Create an account there then choose to Create a Feed. Enter http://www.scubatravel.co.uk/scuba.xml as the feed url. If you wish you can choose to post only a section of news: for example only news about Thailand or Sharks. Go to Advanced Settings and tick “Filter your posts by using keywords to auto-approve new posts”. Now type a list of words about which you want to post. Click the Continue to Step 2 button then select Twitter in the Available Services list.

Other ways highlighted of gaining followers include expressing positive rather than negative sentiments and using correct spelling and vocabularly. Twitter users apparently seek out well written content over poorly written content when deciding whether to follow another user.

Further Reading:

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