Nigel Pickford, bestselling author of Atlas of Shipwreck and Treasure, has just had his new book published by Chatham Publishing.

Lost Treasure Ships of the Northern Seas takes a closer look at some of the thousands of wrecks that still lie undiscovered in the relatively shallow waters of the North Sea and the Baltic, and identifies more than 300 such sites, giving concise details of ship, voyage, cargo and current state of knowledge. This represents a large proportion of the most valuable wrecks in the designated area. A significant proportion may be regarded as high-value – either in financial terms or because of their potential contribution to historical knowledge – but few have been precisely located.

The book contains a fascinating gazetteer of all these sites and offers a treasure-trove of information for divers and armchair adventurers.

In addition, there are fifteen chapters, each a case-study of a different wreck, chosen to illustrate the range of problems – and rewards – likely to be encountered when treasure hunting, and these offer invaluable lessons to divers. They include a wide variety of ship types, from a Roman trading vessel to a German liner sunk in the Baltic by the Russians in 1945.

Illustrated throughout in colour and black and white, this new book is a practical guide for divers, and offers a fascinating glimpse into the maritime history of a region where ships have fought and traded for thousands of years.

NIGEL PICKFORD is the author of four previous books, including the bestselling Atlas of Shipwreck and Treasure.

LOST TREASURE SHIPS OF THE NORTHERN SEAS: A Guide and Gazetteer to 2000 Years of Shipwreck is now available in bookshops, through the Chatham Publishing web site, from Amazon, or can be ordered by ‘phone on 020 8458 6314.

ISBN 978-1-86176-250-4, RRP £19.99.

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