Diving agency RAID have opened all their e-learning course materials to everyone, regardless of current certification agency, completely free of charge. There is a choice of up to 110 courses to choose from. However, you will still have to pay to take the exam and receive your card.

RAID scuba diving courses

RAID stands for Rebreather Association of International Divers. However, as you can see above, they don’t just offer rebreather training. RAID was the first fully online diver training agency.

Each course is presented in a series of chapters, at the end of each chapter there is a short quiz to gauge your understanding of the basic concepts and rules of diving. When you’ve completed each quiz, the system retains a record of your answers. This prepares you to go diving with your instructor. The courses are detailed and thorough.

FREe-Learning is a concept that can be used at any time or when normal training schedules cannot be completed. This could be due to a seasonal restriction (winter), travel restrictions or temporary financial restrictions.

Once you’ve become a RAID member (for free) and travel restrictions ease, you can pick a dive centre to finish your program and open up the final exam for the courses you’ve completed.

Register to join RAID and access the courses here.


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