Double Cross
Patrick Woodrow
Arrow, 2005
422pp. £6.99
0 0994785 9 5

Review by Andrew Reay-Robinson

An all-action novel, with plenty of diving, written by
an experienced diver. The author’s diving knowledge means
that you do not have to endure the cringe-worthy diving
sequences in a lot of novels written by people with
limited if any diving experience.

The book’s hero is a British underwater photographer who
accidentally kills a woman before going on the run to
protect his career. The woman’s death, however, provides
him with vital clue to his inheritance and what follows
is a fast paced globetrotting adventure with plenty of
diving, drug trafficking baddies and a thrilling climax.

The book is very easy to read with simple dialogue
and is a good escapist read.

Ideal to relax with between dives on a diving holiday
or liveaboard.

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