Beautiful Oceans
Coral Reef Ecosystem & Food Web Course

This new course for divers discusses the coral reef ecosystem and food web. It illustrates its points using animals and plants found in and around coral reefs. For instance, the Caribbean Reef Shark is discussed as a top-level, active, predator. The authors manage to pack loads of information on their example species into a small space, without the prose becoming uninteresting. And even when I thought I knew lots about a subject they managed to surprise me. For instance, did you know that sponges may be able to live to over 1000 years old?

Although much of the information applies to coral reefs throughout the world, the example species are found in the Caribbean.

By the end of the course its authors hope that you will have learnt to appreciate all life on coral reefs from the tiniest phytoplankton to the shark. You will also have learnt how each creature is interconnected with the others.

The course is available on-line, where you work through at your own pace at your computer. It includes videos of animal behaviour and interactive quizzes. You can also take the course at selected dive schools in the Caribbean.

The course materials are well written, with many interesting asides. The Manual, in pdf format, is 119 pages long. It has a comprehensive index and is lavishly illustrated with a high-quality photograph or diagram on nearly every page.

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