SCUBA News are pleased to announce the winners of our contest to win a map of the best dive sites in the world. Divers from around the world entered the draw and the lucky winners were…

Grand prize winner of the museum-quality jumbo canvas print on heavy, 100% cotton cloth measuring 150 x 90 cm (59″ x 35″) worth $140 from Awesome Maps is Jaime Moreno.

Win an Illustrated map of the world's best dive sites

Winners of the re-writable dive maps are Mitchell Coughran, Eero Väänänen, Nariman Khajeh Kazroni, Bruce Copas and Rick Mahan from as far apart as America to Finland to Australia.

World dive map

If you didn’t win, but would like one of the maps, they are available from Awesome Maps. Completely illustrated by hand, the maps are designed to spark your wanderlust and animate your inner traveller. As well as dive maps they have also crafted surfing and snow maps.


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