“Deepspot” has opened for divers for the first time. At 45 m, it is deeper than the previous record holder in Italy – which has a depth of 42 m, and 12 m deeper than Nemo 33 in Belgium.

The pool is in the town of Msxczonow, around 40 km southwest of Warsaw. It even includes facsimiles of underwater caves and Mayan ruins plus a small shipwreck.

Unlike ordinary pools, the Deepspot complex can accommodate customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, as it is considered a training centre for divers.

The swimming pool is also going to be used for training by firefighters and the army.

It took two years to build and cost 40 million zlotys (€8.9 million). The complex also features a viewing tunnel inside the pool itself, hotel rooms and a conference centre with underwater views.

Europe’s deep pools are great fun to dive in, and an even deeper one is planned for Liverpool in the UK.


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