Bluewater University is the first online platform that is fully dedicated to providing live virtual classes in all things related to underwater – including underwater photography, underwater video and dive travel.

Bluewater University

At the moment all the classes are related to underwater photography. Several are free; others between $5 and $40. The classes and seminars are live – which means that in Europe many are in the middle of the night. Some though are offered at various times making it convenient for everyone. The classes are held over Zoom video links.

“We want to provide a platform to keep people excited about diving, travel, photography & video,” founder Scott Gietler noted, adding that the goal of this site is for professionals to share their expertise in various scuba-related fields. is now live, and enthusiasts can sign up either as a student or a prospective instructor. Instructors create their own classes, set their own prices and share in the revenue. The class offerings at BluewaterU includes introductory and advanced level curriculums. The classes and seminars are typically one hour long.

Bluewater University is the joint-venture of three sister companies. The Underwater Photography Guide is a destination for all things underwater photography; featuring tutorials, technique tips and reviews. Its sister company, Bluewater Photo, is dedicated to selling a wide selection of underwater photo and video gear, while Bluewater Travel acts as an agency where divers can join a guided trip, or book their own independent travel with hundreds of operators across the globe.


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