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This newly described species is found only in the Red Sea. Often confused with Hector's goby, Hosai's goby has a yellow stripe going over its eye and rejoining behind.
It looks like we have a great haul of new, undiscovered species. By the time all our specimens are examined, we will be north of 100 new species.  But what’s really surprised me here is the fact this extends to animals like fish – we think we’ve got three new species of fish.
It's a minefield trying to buy a sunscreen which doesn't harm the sea life. Even those trumpeting their green credentials are not always free from harmful chemicals and components. You have to read the label very carefully. So what are the nasties to look out for?
How many manta rays are in the Seychelles? Where are they going? When are they there? All is revealed.
From the cuttlefish's incredible powers of mimicry even though colour blind, to waiting for a better reward like dogs and chimps.
Few divers know about Mexico’s sardine run yet it rivals its equivalent in South Africa and is an impressive display of nature’s raw power. Accessible to divers and non-divers alike, all you need is a sense of...
A rare and fascinating portrait of a Crab-Eating Macaque resolutely swimming through the ocean, captured by Suliman Alatiqi, tops this year’s Ocean Art underwater photography contest. The photo is a result of weeks of planning and documentation,...
1. They can live to over 40 years old Christmas Tree worms are long-lived, although pollution and climate change might reduce their lifespan. function loadGoogleAdSense() { ...
The warming Mediterranean exacerbates the problem of invasive lionfish. What can divers do?
With red fluorescent eyes and see-through skin, this spooky fish father guards its eggs against predators.