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Diving into the World’s Fastest Tidal Rapids

Imagine this: a channel so narrow and shallow that a single tide can unleash an astonishing 200 billion gallons of water, creating a tumultuous display of standing waves, whirlpools, and currents surging at 16 knots (18 mph or 30 kph).

Lionfish Invasion Threatens the Mediterranean

The warming Mediterranean exacerbates the problem of invasive lionfish. What can divers do?
Gorgonia in Spain

Discovering Spain’s Hidden Diving Gems

Looking for new diving destinations that will enable you to see rare underwater sights? For a unique experience, head on over to...
hammerhead sharks

Best places to scuba dive in December

Where to scuba dive in December? Mantas and whale sharks at Hanifaru Bay; mass spawning of barracuda & Nassau grouper in Belize - groupers circling each other, releasing their spawn as they go; mating turtles & schools of hammerheads in the Galapagos

Top seven places to dive with turtles

Turtles are amazing creatures, found around the world in tropical and subtropical waters. They play a vital role in marine ecosystem health and have been in the ocean for more than 100 million years.
Yachts Turkey

Turquoise Treasures: Diving in the Idyllic Waters of Turkey

Turkey, with its rich history, diverse culture, and stunning landscapes, has long been a sought-after destination for travellers. However, beyond its...

Revealed: where to dive with Manta Rays

Awesome to see underwater, the Manta Ray is an enormous fish spanning. They live in warm waters around the world, gracefully flying...

15 Top Tips for Your Liveaboard Diving Safari

Liveaboard safaris open up a whole new world of diving, allowing you to reach remote destinations far from land, with uncrowded dive...
Avelo diving with turtle

New Scuba set increases bottom time, is lighter and neutrally buoyant

The Avelo scuba set is significantly lighter than standard scuba systems, yet gives more bottom time! This new cylinder offers immediately perfect...

Underwater Military Museum created in Hurghada

HEPCA, the Hurghada  Environment Protection & Conservation Association, has launched the first underwater museum in Hurghada with the support of the Egyptian...