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It's a minefield trying to buy a sunscreen which doesn't harm the sea life. Even those trumpeting their green credentials are not always free from harmful chemicals and components. You have to read the label very carefully. So what are the nasties to look out for?
How many manta rays are in the Seychelles? Where are they going? When are they there? All is revealed.
Revealed: the best dives in the Med in 2024, as voted for by scuba divers. How many have you dived?
Few divers know about Mexico’s sardine run yet it rivals its equivalent in South Africa and is an impressive display of nature’s raw power. Accessible to divers and non-divers alike, all you need is a sense of...
Shore dives are often under-rated. There are many stunning shore dives, indeed, two have been voted in the top ten dives of any in the world. The best shore dives list according to our readers is below.
Top 10 dives in Scandinavia from orcas to wrecks and whirlpools
Imagine this: a channel so narrow and shallow that a single tide can unleash an astonishing 200 billion gallons of water, creating a tumultuous display of standing waves, whirlpools, and currents surging at 16 knots (18 mph or 30 kph).
The warming Mediterranean exacerbates the problem of invasive lionfish. What can divers do?
Looking for new diving destinations that will enable you to see rare underwater sights? For a unique experience, head on over to Spain. This country has several diving sites that have kept divers fascinated for decades, with...
Where to scuba dive in December? Mantas and whale sharks at Hanifaru Bay; mass spawning of barracuda & Nassau grouper in Belize - groupers circling each other, releasing their spawn as they go; mating turtles & schools of hammerheads in the Galapagos