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ContentsSee Whales in Australia and the Galapagos IslandsSharks Galore in Socorro, MexicoCocos Island for more ocean giantsDive Komodo for, well, everything See Whales in Australia and the Galapagos Islands June is...
100 Times as deadly as the venom of the black widow spider
The Reef-World Foundation Launches 'Let's Save Our Reefs!' Campaign to Protect Coral Reef Ecosystems in the Big Give Green Match Fund for the first time. As coral reefs face unprecedented threats, Reef-World aims to raise awareness...
What do dolphins mean with their whistles, pops and non-verbal communications? With their large brains dolphins have many factors in common with humans.
The ultimate rundown of the top 100 dive sites in the world, as voted for by scuba divers. How many have you dived?
With impressive wreck dives, stunning underwater landscapes and unforgettable marine life encounters, should a UK diving adventure be on your wish list?
This newly described species is found only in the Red Sea. Often confused with Hector's goby, Hosai's goby has a yellow stripe going over its eye and rejoining behind.
It looks like we have a great haul of new, undiscovered species. By the time all our specimens are examined, we will be north of 100 new species.  But what’s really surprised me here is the fact this extends to animals like fish – we think we’ve got three new species of fish.
It's a minefield trying to buy a sunscreen which doesn't harm the sea life. Even those trumpeting their green credentials are not always free from harmful chemicals and components. You have to read the label very carefully. So what are the nasties to look out for?
We're often asked questions by aspiring scuba divers, this guide answers just about all of them from how deep can I go to what equipment do I need. The scuba FAQ.