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Diving Greece

The ultimate guide to diving in Greece

Home to the most extensive coastline of all Mediterranean countries and rich in ancient history, diving in Greece is hard to beat....

When can you travel to dive again and where can you go?

Countries around the world are easing their covid-19 lockdowns. Which areas will soon be open for divers?

Ocean Art 2021 Underwater Photo Competition now open

The 10th annual Ocean Art contest is now accepting entries. A long list of prizes valued at over $30000 are up for grabs for both amateur and professional photographers.
Coral reef

Some coral reefs can keep up with ocean warming

Some coral communities are becoming more heat tolerant as ocean temperatures rise, offering hope for corals in a changing climate, say researchers...

Egypt and the Maldives off the travel red list

Previously out-of-bound diving destinations, such as Egypt, Oman, the Maldives and Turkey, will be removed from the UK's Red List on...

Your ultimate guide to scuba diving in Italy

Known for its mouthwatering food, ancient history and rolling landscapes of olive groves and vineyards, Italy attracts tourists from all corners of...
Basking Shark

Basking sharks disappearing from Isle of Man but congregating off Ireland

Every summer hundreds of basking sharks used to visit the Isle of Man, but recently there have been fewer and fewer. This...
shark fins

UK to ban shark fin trade

Banned: the import and export of detached shark fins and products containing them. Read why we need sharks

Robot floats give new look at ocean health

Microscopic marine life plays a fundamental role in the health of the ocean and, ultimately, the planet. Floating robots help map phytoplankton productivity
Eibsee Lake

Your ultimate guide to scuba diving in Germany

Germany might not be well known for diving, but it offers countless dive opportunities, with crystal-clear alpine lakes, sunken cities, WWII wrecks,...