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The impact of the Australian bushfires on wildlife

In recent weeks the world has been gripped by the ongoing environmental and humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in Australia. The country has been...
aeroplane above trees

Calculate your scuba liveaboard carbon footprint

Liveaboards open up some of the best diving in the world. But at a cost to the environment. Discover how much carbon your liveaboard and flights are emitting and how you could offset it
The glacier Kangerlussuup Sermia in Greenland, to be explored by underwater robot

Submarine robot to solve mystery of Greenland’s glaciers

It’s the front line of climate change and could hold the key to predicting global sea level rise, but what goes on...
Whale fluke,

Whale poo saves the world

Restoring whale numbers would mean more iron in the water from their poo, which would mean more phytoplankton, and more carbon dioxide taken up from the atmosphere. Whales once contributed to as much carbon removal as forests of entire continents.
Sea fan

New danger for sea fans in warming seas: Metal pollution

Metals like copper from agricultural runoff and marine paint leaching from boat hulls poses a threat to soft coral sea fans, especially in warming...

How to save the oceans at home and whilst travelling

We all want to protect the oceans from harm and conserve the dive sites we love, but it can be overwhelming knowing...
Healthy coral reef

How to protect corals from climate change?

The best way to protect corals threatened by climate change is to conserve a wide range of their habitats, according to a study in...
Coral Reef

Equatorial coral reefs less affected by global warming

Ocean warming is threatening coral reefs globally. Whenever sea temperatures rise in an area, coral reefs degrade. However, a new study has found that...