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Red Sea coral

Northern Red Sea reefs resist bleaching

Corals in the northern Red Sea could hold the secrets for reef survival in warming seas. © 2022...

Why I’m crying over spilt milk

A third of all food produced for humans globally is not eaten by anyone. These are shocking facts, right? But we most likely will not act on these facts and will probably even forget them.
Raja Ampat Coral reef

The Most (& Least) Biodiverse Countries 

Over the past century the world has seen an unprecedented decline in biodiversity triggered by climate change, habitat loss, overexploitation and pollution....
diver's bubbles in the sea

What you might not know about Chinese environmental policy

There is perhaps an iconic image of China in the minds of many in developed and western nations of smog-filled Chinese cities,...
fish plastic pollution

Microplastics found in 75% of fish we eat

Most fish for human consumption contain microplastics, according to new study. Scientists from New Zealand and...

Shipping line adjusts course to protect blue whales

World’s largest container carrier MSC re-routes to keep away from endangered blue whales off the coast of Sri Lanka
Heliocidaris juvenile under microscope. The ability of urchin parents to pass on benefits to their offspring after exposure to heatwaves is key to helping prepare and protect the next generation.

Sea urchins’ secret to surviving marine heatwaves

Image: Dr Maria Byrne, CC by 4.0 Sea urchins can pass heatwave resistance on to the next generation,...
Sea fan and coral in Japan

Reef-World Foundation launches Green Fins in Japan

Japan is now the 14th country to implement the Green Fins initiative – a UN Environment Programme. Onna Village in Okinawa is...
Invasive vase tunicates (Ciona intestinalis) cover the sea floor in Maine

I went for a dive in the Gulf of Maine and saw just ONE...

The Gulf of Maine, historically the fishing breadbasket of North America, is now empty. As a child, I was...

The impact of the Australian bushfires on wildlife

In recent weeks the world has been gripped by the ongoing environmental and humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in Australia. The country has been...