Reef-World raises public awareness of the urgency to protect coral reefs with £335,000 Ocean Outdoor Environmental Fund Boost

The Reef-World Foundation, a leading non-profit dedicated to coral reef conservation, today announced the exciting launch of its new campaign, “Drops in the Ocean,” which went live on Monday, 17 June across the UK. This impactful campaign receives a significant boost thanks to Ocean Outdoor’s annual Drops in the Ocean environmental fund.

coral reefImage: Jill Studholme
St Johns, Red Sea. Jill Studholme

The campaign will raise awareness of the critical role coral reefs play in maintaining healthy ocean and inspire individuals to take action to protect them. 

“Every second breath we take comes from the ocean and coral reefs are the rainforests of the sea. They provide a critical habitat for countless marine species, directly impacting the health of our ocean and planet and providing us with vital resources for survival, including the air we breathe,” said Executive Director of The Reef-World Foundation, Chloe Harvey.

Veronica Reverse/Unsplash

The ‘Drops in the Ocean’ campaign will leverage the power of Ocean Outdoor’s digital screens across the UK, amplifying the message and reaching a wider audience. Powerful visuals will showcase the beauty and fragility of coral reefs as well as demonstrating the strong connection each person has to these vital ecosystems. Since coral reefs contribute to the health of the ocean which provide 50% of the oxygen for our planet, protecting them is essential for all of us.

Yellowsaddle goatfish (Parupeneus cyclostomus) on coral reef. Red Sea, Egypt.Image: Mark Doherty/iStock
Yellowsaddle goatfish (Parupeneus cyclostomus) on coral reef. Red Sea, Egypt. Mark Doherty/iStock

“We are incredibly grateful for the support from Ocean Outdoor’s Drops in the Ocean fund,” said Joyce Yang, Communications Manager at The Reef-World Foundation. “This partnership allows us to reach a wider audience across the UK. Together, we can inspire individuals to become champions for our ocean.”

Coral reef red seaImage: Tim Nicholson
Tim Nicholson

Image credits:

  • coralreefstjohns-1200: Jill Studholme
  • Yellowsaddle goatfish over healthy coral in Red Sea: Mark Doherty/iStock
  • Coral reef red sea: Tim Nicholson


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