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Just published, the Complete Diving Manual by Jack Jackson. From basic diving certification topics and techniques to advanced technical diving, the manual includes:
– Choosing, using, maintaining and storing equipment;
– Illustrations and diagrams explaining the theory and practicalities of diving;
– Technical diving, including the use of rebreathers, diving in currents, night diving and diving in enclosed overhead environments (caves, ice and shipwrecks);
– Underwater photography, archaeology and marine biological research;
– Dangerous underwater animals and what to do in an emergency.

Jack Jackson has published many scuba books. A feature of his work is his excellent photography. He told SCUBA News that as long as the current is not too strong,
on every dive he carries 2 Subal housings for Nikon F90x, one with a 55 mm micro lens and macro port and the other with a 14 mm rectilinear lens and dedicated wide-angle port.

The Nikon 55 mm micro is sharper than the newer 60 mm lens. If very large animals are possible he also carries a Nikonos V camera with 15 mm lens. On night dives he might use a Nikonos V with 2 8mm lens plus close up lens and a home-made 2-sided framer. He uses a single wide-angle flash with the wide angle lens and 2 flash guns, one set for twice as much output than the other for macro. Flash guns are either Subtronic 3000 pro, Sea + Sea 300, Sea + Sea 350 pro, Sea + Sea YS-30 or one of 2 Nikon SB-24’s
in a Subal flash Housing.

The Complete Diving Manual is available for just £11.54 (or £13.99 for the hardback version) from or for $15.61 from

Complete Diving Manual, Jack Jackson, International Marine Publishing ISBN: 0071457836.

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