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Nirupam Nigam is editor in chief of the Underwater Photography Guide. As well as being an award-winning photographer, he has a degree in Aquatic and Fisheries science and has worked as a Fisheries Observer.

Diving into the World’s Fastest Tidal Rapids

Imagine this: a channel so narrow and shallow that a single tide can unleash an astonishing 200 billion gallons of water, creating a tumultuous display of standing waves, whirlpools, and currents surging at 16 knots (18 mph or 30 kph).

Lionfish Invasion Threatens the Mediterranean

The warming Mediterranean exacerbates the problem of invasive lionfish. What can divers do?
Invasive vase tunicates (Ciona intestinalis) cover the sea floor in Maine

I went for a dive in the Gulf of Maine and saw just ONE...

The Gulf of Maine, historically the fishing breadbasket of North America, is now empty. As a child, I was...