The scuba diving liveaboard, Galapagos Majestic, has sank near the northern coast of Santiago island in the Galapagos. The 26 divers and crew safely abandoned ship onto the ships lifeboats and were rescued by the Ecuadorian Coast Guard.

The vessel ran aground early in the morning at 1 am. Six hours later, in spite of the Navy and Coast Guard’s salvage efforts, the ship sank with over 800 gallons of fuel left in the tanks. The damage was inflicted on the hull away from the fuel tanks so there is no immediate risk of to the surrounding sea. According to Arx Maritime, the owners Explorer Ventures and the insurers are planning to safely empty the fuel tanks.

Explorer Ventures are trying to get divers who have booked trips on the Galapagos Majestic onto other liveaboards. If not they are offering a refund – although will still have their flight costs and hotels. For more details contact

The Galapagos Majestic was 36 m long and could accommodate 16 passengers in 8 cabins. It is unclear what caused the ship to run aground.


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