Some stunning underwater photographs were the winners of this year’s SoCal shootout.

The shootout is a weekend-long photography extravaganza in which underwater photographers strive to capture the best possible photos over a single weekend. Major editing is not allowed, so the competition truly tests their abilities to capture stunning imagery in-camera. Over $25,000 in prizes are awarded to the winners, from dive resorts, liveaboards, travel agencies and equipment suppliers.

Best in show was won by Josh Musselwhite for his portrait Octopus with Sunball. He won a free stay with Cayman Beach Resorts.

This year conditions were quite mixed depending on where you went, making some dive sites much more challenging to shoot than others, but overall there were some great marine life sightings and some very impressive photos submitted.

The competition also included video – the winner being Todd Kortte for “California Dreaming”

Bluewater Photo, a dedicated underwater photography centre, hosts the event along with sponsors from many top underwater photography brands, international dive resorts and local California dive boats.


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