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Edits SCUBA News (ISSN 1476-8011), the monthly newsletter with articles on diving and marine science. She tweets as @SCUBANews. A scuba diver with a biology degree, Jill has an special intererest in marine biology, coral reef conservation and the underwater environment.
leopard spotted goby

The Distinctive Leopard-Spotted Goby

A shy fish, the leopard-spotted goby lives in cracks on steep walls and caves. Shipwrecks are also a favourite habitat. You find...

Ocean Art 2021 Underwater Photo Competition now open

The 10th annual Ocean Art contest is now accepting entries. A long list of prizes valued at over $30000 are up for grabs for both amateur and professional photographers.
Red Sea Clownfish, Amphiprion bincinctus

Creature of the Month: Red Sea Clownfish

The most common clownfish in the Red Sea, hence its name. But it doesn't just live in the Red Sea. You will...
Basking Shark

Basking sharks disappearing from Isle of Man but congregating off Ireland

Every summer hundreds of basking sharks used to visit the Isle of Man, but recently there have been fewer and fewer. This...
shark fins

UK to ban shark fin trade

Banned: the import and export of detached shark fins and products containing them. Read why we need sharks
goniopora planulata

Thailand bans coral-harming sunscreens

Thailand has banned several sunscreen products from the country’s national marine parks. These contain chemical compounds proven to be harmful to coral reefs
Gulf Blenny

Book Review: Secret Seas by Paul Flandinette and Michel Claereboudt

Secret Seas - Discover Oman's unique underwater worldSecret Seas is a beautiful book which not only has...

Good to go: 8 Diving Destinations on the Green List

The UK has published its new "Green List" of countries where foreign travel is allowed without the need to quarantine on return....
coral reef

Coral reefs’ survival depend on managing local conditions

Although some have argued that climate change is so overwhelming that conserving coral reefs on a local scale is futile, study finds local actions magnify the effects of climate-driven heat waves. Local action to conserve coral reefs can help reefs withstand the effects of climate change.

10 Fascinating facts about puffer fish – the most poisonous fish on the planet

1. They are the most poisonous fish in the seaThe Puffer is harmless, unless eaten. The...