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Edits SCUBA News (ISSN 1476-8011), the monthly newsletter with articles on diving and marine science. She tweets as @SCUBANews. A scuba diver with a biology degree, Jill has an special intererest in marine biology, coral reef conservation and the underwater environment.

12 Years of data reveal Seychelles manta ray haunts

How many manta rays are in the Seychelles? Where are they going? When are they there? All is revealed.
Diver and cuttlefish

10 Fascinating facts about the clever cuttlefish

From the cuttlefish's incredible powers of mimicry even though colour blind, to waiting for a better reward like dogs and chimps.
soft coral mediterranean sea

Top 9 dives in the Mediterranean

Revealed: the best dives in the Med in 2024, as voted for by scuba divers. How many have you dived?
Winner Ocean Art Contest

Swimming monkey wins world’s largest underwater photo contest

A rare and fascinating portrait of a Crab-Eating Macaque resolutely swimming through the ocean, captured by Suliman Alatiqi, tops this year’s Ocean...
coral reef clownfish

Where are the world’s best shore dives? Top 10 in 2024

Shore dives are often under-rated. There are many stunning shore dives, indeed, two have been voted in the top ten dives of...

9 Fascinating Facts about Christmas Tree Worms

1. They can live to over 40 years old Christmas Tree worms are long-lived, although pollution and climate change...
ghost goby redsea

Haunting the Coral Reefs: The Ghost Goby

With red fluorescent eyes and see-through skin, this spooky fish father guards its eggs against predators.
Ocean Art winner

$110,000 in prizes up for grabs in the Ocean Art 2023 Underwater Photography contest

The world’s largest underwater photo competition, is now open. Attracting amateur and professional photographers across the globe, fourteen categories - including new...
Limacia clavigera nudibranch by Tim Nicholson

Creature of the month is the Orange Clubbed Nudibranch, Limacia clavigera

You can easily recognise this lovely little nudibranch by the orangy-yellow "clubs" around its body, curving inwards over its back.

Revealed: where to dive with Manta Rays

Awesome to see underwater, the Manta Ray is an enormous fish spanning. They live in warm waters around the world, gracefully flying...