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Dive into Action: Celebrating World Oceans Day

Oceans cover over 70% of the Earth's surface and are vital for sustaining life on our planet. They are home to a vast...
coral reef

Saudi Arabia attempts to buy Red Sea resort in Egypt

Saudi Arabia is negotiating to buy the Red Sea resort of Ras Ghamila from Egypt, reports the Middle East Eye.
Lionfish, P. miles

Unveiling the lionfish invasion in the Mediterranean Sea

Lionfish have significantly expanded their territory in the Mediterranean since the invasion began around ten years ago.
Raja Ampat Coral reef

Reef-World Joins Big Give Green Match Fund to Save Coral Reefs

The Reef-World Foundation Launches 'Let's Save Our Reefs!' Campaign to Protect Coral Reef Ecosystems in the Big Give Green Match Fund...
Tihany wreck sank in 1917

The Future of the Adriatic Past from shipwrecks to archaeological landscapes – Learning about...

The Adriatic Sea holds a wealth of underwater archaeological sites, from ancient shipwrecks to submerged archaeological landscapes. With the increasing interest in maritime cultural heritage, there is a growing need for responsible and sustainable management of these precious resources.
ocean census

100 New ocean species discovered in New Zealand

It looks like we have a great haul of new, undiscovered species. By the time all our specimens are examined, we will be north of 100 new species.  But what’s really surprised me here is the fact this extends to animals like fish – we think we’ve got three new species of fish.
Scuba diver in Bermuda

Answered: 11 Frequently asked questions about scuba diving

We're often asked questions by aspiring scuba divers, this guide answers just about all of them from how deep can I go to what equipment do I need. The scuba FAQ.

Ocean around Bermuda warmer and more acidic than ever, 40 years of observation show

The ocean has warmed by about 1 degree C, increased in salinity and decreased in oxygen. Furthermore, acidity has increased by over 30%.

BSAC Release Diving Incident Report

BSAC, the British Sub-Aqua Club, have released their report on last year's diving incidents in the UK and abroad.
The Sports Diving Medical: The definitive guide to medical conditions relevant to diving

The Sports Diving Medical

Answers frequently asked questions such as; What level of fitness is required to be a safe diver? Can I dive with contact lenses? Can I dive while taking Hayfever tablets? Can I dive while taking antibiotics? What is the best crown for my dentist to fit?