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dolphin wake

What not to do if you find a beached whale or dolphin

The Wildlife Trust of South & West Wales gives useful advice on what to do if you see a whale, dolphin or...
Mediterranean Sea

Due to the warming of the Mediterranean Sea, marine species are migrating 55 metres...

Due to the temperature difference across the Mediterranean Sea, fish, crustaceans and molluscs like squid are moving down.
Gallipoli ships

Divers can now visit the wrecks of Gallipoli

At the bottom of the Dardanelles Strait in Turkey lie the wrecks of the British and French ships sunk during the Battle...

Cuba opens up in November – here’s what divers need to know

Cuba will fully reopen to tourism on November 15, the Cuban Ministry of Tourism has announced. From then on fully-vaccinated divers will...

Fiji to reopen to divers

After twenty-one months without visiting divers, Fiji will on 1 December 2021 re-open its borders to travellers. But only to those on...
grey seal

What not to do if you see a seal on the beach

If you find a live seal on its own on a beach, watch it from a distance and do not approach the animal

14% of Corals lost in a decade, study shows

Corals reefs across the world are under relentless stress from warming caused by climate change and other local pressures such as overfishing,...

When can you travel to dive again and where can you go?

Countries around the world are easing their covid-19 lockdowns. Which areas will soon be open for divers?

Egypt and the Maldives off the travel red list

Previously out-of-bound diving destinations, such as Egypt, Oman, the Maldives and Turkey, will be removed from the UK's Red List on...
diving egypt

Win a liveaboard trip

Divebooker, the global marketplace for booking diving packages, invites you to enter a draw for a chance to win a diving getaway.