BSAC, the British Sub-Aqua Club, have released their report on last year’s diving incidents in the UK and abroad.

The collect the data from divers of all diving affiliations, by diving agencies in the UK and Ireland and the rescue services who have been involved in the support of divers.

In 2022 they recorded 248 incidents including 66 classified as overseas. This was slightly higher than the previous year. Sadly there were 6 diver fatalities this year

Spring Incidents Down

One success story associated with the reporting of incidents is that they used to highlight a peak of incidents in April and May which was attributed to poor preparation for early diving in the season. Each year the Incidents Advisor report at the BSAC Diving Conference included a request for more caution at the start of the diving season. Now, there is no longer the spring peak that was common prior to 2008.

BSAC is the National Governing Body for the sport in the UK, and have been reporting annually on diving incidents for the last 50 years.

You can read the Diving Incidents Report here.


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