The Avelo scuba set is significantly lighter than standard scuba systems, yet gives more bottom time! This new cylinder offers immediately perfect neutral buoyancy independent of depth changes. Avelo aim to redefine the way we dive by providing the freedom and streamlined experience of freediving while enabling the ability to breathe underwater.

Effortless neutral buoyancy. Photo: Jennifer Idol

How does it work? 

Avelo invented a Hydrotank and Jetpack that together use water to manage buoyancy. It operates by adding or removing water to maintain neutral buoyancy. Once neutral buoyancy is achieved, it remains neutrally buoyant for long periods of time. The manufacturers say that this form of buoyancy is ultra-stable and is not affected by ascending or descending.

Be one of the first divers in the world to be certified with the Avelo System

Dive Friends Bonaire are the first international Avelo Dive Center. They will teach their Recreational Avelo Diver (RAD) specialty course, which includes everything a diver needs to know to enjoy this new experience in diving. 

Be one of the first to get certified. Photo: Jennifer Idol

This specialty course is being led by Dive Friends Bonaire as a two-day Avelo experience that is limited to small groups and includes the RAD certification. The Avelo team will join DiveFriends Bonaire to enrich the experience with their expertise in this unique diving system.  

If you want to be one of the first divers in the world to earn a RAD certification, join DiveFriends Bonaire from September 13 to 25. Registration is available through their website,

Advantages of diving the Avelo System 

Effortless buoyancy control not only improves the quality of a diver’s experience but also adds a measure of safety to diving. It reduces stress and task loading so that divers can focus on the amazing underwater world instead of their buoyancy.  

Photo: Jennifer Idol

By streamlining the system and reducing stress on divers, they experience dramatically improved air consumption, which leads to longer dives. The Hydrotank can also provide increased air capacity (up to 30% more gas capacity) than standard aluminum 80 tanks but with the same physical size.  

Furthermore, the significant reduction in equipment weight and bulkiness helps make dives more enjoyable and less tiresome. This revolution in diving is an exciting and joyful way to experience the underwater world. 

The Avelo technology can help you provide these advantages for your dives:

  • Effortless buoyancy control
  • Dramatically improved air consumption
  • Significant reduction in equipment weight and bulkiness
  • Increased air capacity (up to 30% more gas capacity)

Avelo training schedule with Dive Friends Bonaire:

  • 13 & 14 September
  • 15 & 16 September
  • 17 & 18 September
  • 22 & 24 September
  • 23 & 25 September

About Dive Friends Bonaire

Dive into a new adventure in Bonaire with the new Avelo System through Dive Friends Bonaire. We are one of the largest dive centers in Bonaire with eight shops that can reach any destination on the island from shore to boat. As the first international Avelo Dive Center, we will offer dives that use the revolutionary Avelo System in September. 

Where Else can I try the Avelo system?

At time of writing, you can try it out in New South Wales (Aus) and California (USA) as well as in Bonaire.

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