The latest Sports Diving Medical now available with 26% off.

This brand new 3rd Edition is fully revised and updated. Since the first publication in 1994 this book has been widely regarded as the standard reference work for Sport Diving Medicals. The diver who has this volume in their hands will be both better prepared, informed and educated.

Diving has progressed significantly since the introduction of the first edition almost 30 years ago. This brand new 3rd edition has been fully revised and updated to reflect current diving practices and medical conditions. It is the most comprehensive reference work to date and examines all medical conditions relevant to diving. 

Beyond recommendations and guidance for specific medical issues, it provides answers to many frequently asked questions such as; What level of fitness is required to be a safe diver? Can I dive with contact lenses ? Can I dive while taking Hayfever tablets ? Can I dive while taking antibiotics ? What is the best crown for my dentist to fit ?

Available from Aquapress and Amazon.


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