Travelling on your own is a great way to meet other divers and there are a number of liveaboards with single cabins just perfect for your next dive trip. These liveaboards offer safaris at some of the best dive destinations around the world and have a variety of onboard facilities to choose from. Here are our top liveaboards for single travellers:

Rum Runner

Where is it: Australia

What makes it special: This budget-friendly liveaboard is a great way to explore the Great Barrier Reef. There are 1 and 3-night safaris available that are ideal for divers, snorkelers and those who want to try diving. With up to 6 dives per day, you can get plenty of dive time in these short trips. The Rum Runner is like a hostel on water and has a 4-share single bunk cabin.

Why dive there: The Rum Runner visits the isolated Holmes Reef, 90 miles outside of the Great Barrier Reef. This reef is home to abundant sharks, large pelagic fish and has incredible visibility up to 50 meters. The 3-night Coral Sea shark diving trip is not to be missed.

When to go: Great Barrier reef diving is possible all year.

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Fun Azul III

Fun Azul, Maldives
Where is it: The Maldives

What makes it special: The Fun Azul III has a cabin with a single bed, located on main deck, with air-conditioning and an en-suite bathroom. The captain and crew have over 20 years liveaboard diving experience in the Maldives and know the best dive sites away from the crowds.

Why dive there: The Maldives is an iconic dive destination, thanks to its white sand beaches, coral reefs, warm waters, and abundance of whale sharks and manta rays. Consisting of 26 atolls dotted across the Indian Ocean, it is picture-perfect and has diving year-round.

When to go: With Fun Azul III, you can dive with manta rays at Lhaviyani Atoll from January to March or on the east side from April to September, and swim with whale sharks at Ari Atoll from March to October.

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French Polynesia Master

Turtle and diver in French Polynesia
Where is it: French Polynesia

What makes it special: Newly built in 2016, the French Polynesia Master has plenty of space onboard, with a large sun deck, indoor lounge, hot tub and more. There is a single premium cabin on the upper deck with an en-suite bathroom and air conditioning.

Why dive there: The diving of French Polynesia is remote and offers stunning atoll diving, drift dives and numerous pelagics. You can enjoy the famous ‘wall of sharks’ with numerous grey reef sharks, plus manta rays, hammerhead sharks, eagle rays, turtles and more.

When to go: Scuba diving is possible all year, with humpback whales in the area from July to November and hammerhead sharks from December to March. Grey reef sharks are present all year.

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Amira liveaboard, Indonesia
Where is it: Indonesia

What makes it special: This luxury liveaboard offers superior service and gorgeous wood interiors, with a fantastic restaurant and sun deck. The single cabin has air conditioning and an en-suite bathroom.

Why dive there: The Amira’s itineraries include the best dive areas of Indonesia; Komodo, Raja Ampat and Cenderawasih Bay. You can swim with manta rays, whale sharks, turtles and more whilst exploring vibrant reefs and discovering innumerable fish species.

When to go: With so many different dive regions to choose from, it is possible to dive somewhere in Indonesia all year. If you are looking to see sunfish, you should go between July and October.

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Emperor Superior

Emperor Superior, Red Sea liveaboard
Where is it: Egypt

What makes it special: The Emperor Superior offers deluxe cabins with climate control, en-suite bathrooms, mini bars and towels. There are two large sun decks for relaxing and the single cabin is on the main deck.

Why dive there: This liveaboard offers a variety of safaris departing from Hurghada, during which you can experience the famous wrecks and colourful reefs of the Northern Red Sea. The Ships Graveyard is not to be missed and you can dive numerous spectacular wrecks during the Get Wrecked itinerary.

When to go: Diving is available all year.

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Nautilus Belle Amie

Nautilus Belle Amie liveaboard Socorro
Where is it: Mexico

What makes it special: The beautiful Nautilus Belle Amie was designed to give the most comfortable and soundproof ride possible to two world class dive destinations; the Socorro Islands and Guadalupe. All creature comforts have been thought of and there is a single stateroom with an en-suite bathroom and air conditioning.

Why dive there: Diving the Socorro Islands or Guadalupe means encounters with big pelagics; from great white sharks to friendly giant manta rays, dolphins, whale sharks, and humpback whales.

When to go: Safaris to the Socorro Islands run from December to June, whilst Guadalupe safaris run from July to November.

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Where is it: Papua New Guinea

What makes it special: Arguably one of the best liveaboards operating in Papua New Guinea (PNG), the MV Febrina is a boutique liveaboard catering to just 12 guests. The single cabin has an en-suite bathroom and air conditioning and she is a great boat for exploring the peaceful dive spots of PNG.

Why dive there: PNG has spectacular reef, wall, and seamount diving. Six of the seven sea turtle species can be found there, plus more than 2,000 species of reef fish. It is the home of muck diving and offers bizarre critters amidst coral gardens and black sands, plus a variety of World War II wrecks.

When to go: Diving is available all year and the high season is between May and November.

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Genesis I

Genesis liveaboard, Thailand
Where is it: Thailand

What makes it special: This liveaboard offers nitrox free of charge and has 2 and 5-night safaris to choose from in the Andaman Sea. Non-divers and snorkelers are welcome and this liveaboard caters to just 12 guests. This is a great budget-friendly option for a dive liveaboard in Thailand.

Why dive there: The Genesis I visits world-famous dive sites, including Richelieu Rock and the Similan Islands – ranked as one of the best dive destinations in the world. You can explore enormous boulders, caves, reefs and passages with over 500 coral species at the Similan Islands or enjoy numerous pelagics at Richelieu Rock.

When to go: Richelieu Rock can only be dived during October to May and the Similan Islands can only be dived from November to May.

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Solomons PNG Master

Where is it: Solomon Islands

What makes it special: The Solomons PNG Master has a large salon and entertainment area, plus a dedicated camera area for photographers. Hungry guests are well taken care of and there are two outdoor relaxation areas. The four standard cabins can be booked on a single basis and have two bunks per cabin; one for sleeping and one for storage.

Why dive there: The Solomon Islands, made up of 922 islands, is great for wreck and reef diving. The islands are remote and uncrowded, offering diverse marine life and an array of WWII wrecks including ships, aircrafts and submarines.

When to go: Solomon Islands diving safaris are available all year.

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