Countries around the world are easing their covid-19 lockdowns. Which areas might soon be open for divers?

CountryEarliest Re-Open Date
Baja California01/06/2020
Cayman Islands01/09/2020
Costa Rica01/07/2020


Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis has said officials were eyeing a possible opening date for commercial travel on or before July 1. He added that this date was not final, and will be adjusted if there is a deterioration of positive trends or if there are insufficient preventative measures in place.

Baja California, Mexico

Los Cabos will begin re-opening in June. Also in June, airlines will begin adding more flight routes from the United States. The Nautilus liveaboard is targeting 22nd June to relaunch operations.


Bali plans to begin reopening in July, as economic concerns have prevented full-scale lockdowns nationwide.

Cayman Islands

The borders of the Cayman Islands will remain officially closed, at least until 1 September.

Costa Rica

The Decree to close the borders to prevent the entry of foreigners has been extended until 15 June. It may be extended again.


A nationwide curfew from 8pm to 4am is in place until 28 June. It is compulsory to wear a face mask when out in public in Egypt. Hotels in Egypt have now resumed operation but only for domestic guests. International tourism is set to resume for some areas like Sharm el-Sheikh, Marsa Alam and Hurghada on 1 July.


The prime minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, hopes the country can start welcoming tourists by 1 July.


Italy will re-open first just for visitors within the Schengen zone


The flight ban will be lifted on the first of July for countries on an approved list. This is not much help to the dive shops as divers from the countries on the list make up just 25% of those visiting in 2019. Those from the UK & Italy make up the biggest group, and they are not on the list. The approved countries are: Iceland, Slovakia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Israel, Norway, Switzerland, Estonia, Denmark, Hungary, Austria, Luxembourg, Germany, Czech Republic, Finland and Ireland. Sardinia and Sicily are also being considered while the authorities might introduce flights to Portugal and Poland at a later stage, according to the Times of Malta. You will need to wear a facemask at the airport.


From 21 June, Spain is open to travellers from the EU (except Portugal) and the UK. This includes the Canary Islands. Visitors from Portugal have to wait until 1 July. Face masks are obligatory in public spaces. Social distancing of 1.5 m and other safety precautions must be observed at all times. All shops, businesses and transport companies have to keep passengers’ contact information (where provided) for up to 4 weeks for tracking and tracing purposes.


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