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Mexico bans shark diving at Guadalupe  indefinitely

Guadalupe island, 241 kilometers off the west coast of Baja California, is famous for its great white sharks. But last week the...
Staghorn coral: Peter & Crystle Clark

Transplants can save dying coral reefs, but genetically diverse donors are key

As the health of coral reefs continues to decline under the stress of climate change, researchers aim to rejuvenate failing reefs by...
Red Sea coral

Northern Red Sea reefs resist bleaching

Corals in the northern Red Sea could hold the secrets for reef survival in warming seas. © 2022...
Divers waiting exit bluehole

Do you have sport diver liability insurance?

Recently a Maltese court found diver Arthur Castillo guilty of the involuntary homicide of his dive buddy, Christine Gauci, in spite of...
Raja Ampat Coral reef

The Most (& Least) Biodiverse Countries 

Over the past century the world has seen an unprecedented decline in biodiversity triggered by climate change, habitat loss, overexploitation and pollution....

Underwater Photography Guide launches 2022 Ocean Art Photo Competition

The 11th Annual Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition 2022 is accepting entries today until 30 November 2022 – with the largest prize...
fish plastic pollution

Microplastics found in 75% of fish we eat

Most fish for human consumption contain microplastics, according to new study. Scientists from New Zealand and...

Shipping line adjusts course to protect blue whales

World’s largest container carrier MSC re-routes to keep away from endangered blue whales off the coast of Sri Lanka
diving talks

Diving talks returns for 2022

After a successful inaugural show in 2021, Diving talks returns to Portugal &...
Dugong - Fabrice Dudenhofer / Ocean Image Bank

Too late for the Chinese Dugongs

Dugongs have been documented in China for hundreds of years, but now scientists have concluded that they are functionally extinct there.