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Whale fluke

Whale poo saves the world

Restoring whale numbers would mean more iron in the water from their poo, which would mean more phytoplankton, and more carbon dioxide taken up from the atmosphere. Whales once contributed to as much carbon removal as forests of entire continents.
Coral reef

Some coral reefs can keep up with ocean warming

Some coral communities are becoming more heat tolerant as ocean temperatures rise, offering hope for corals in a changing climate, say researchers...

Robot floats give new look at ocean health

Microscopic marine life plays a fundamental role in the health of the ocean and, ultimately, the planet. Floating robots help map phytoplankton productivity
Sieving the ocean for plastics

Scientists use NASA satellite data to track ocean microplastics from space

Microplastics form when the sun's rays and the oceans waves break down plastic rubbish in the sea. These small flecks of plastic are harmful to marine organisms and ecosystems. Microplastics can be carried hundreds or thousands of miles away from the source by ocean currents, making it difficult to track and remove them. Currently, the main source of information about the location of microplastics comes from fisher boat trawlers that use nets to catch plankton - and, unintentionally, microplastics. New technique uses NASA's Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System

Using space data for renewable marine energy

A pioneering new approach to using space data to support the development of renewable energy sites, such as floating offshore wind is...
right whale

Detecting and protecting endangered right whales

New technology which can listen to, and identify, right whales could help protect these extremely endangered animals. Finding the animals before they get close to ships can both protect animals and avoid costly shutdowns of offshore operations.

Scientists reveal new method to study microplastics in the ocean

Their technique uses marine sea squirts to detect, count and characterise nanoplastics.If you've been to your local beach,...
ocean litter tracking

New tool tracks marine litter polluting the ocean

Watch the path of the litter as it spreads across the oceans, and see which countries are the worst

Mussel sensors pave the way for new environmental monitoring tools

>When mussels feed, they open their shells; but if there's something noxious in the water, they immediately close their shells, all at once. New fitbit for mussels gives early warning of toxins.
Baby loggerhead turtle

Where do baby loggerhead turtles go in their lost years?

What happens to baby turtles after they scramble off the sandy beaches where they are born and swim into the open ocean?