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Thor concept vessel sets sail with Molten Salt Reactor

Ship uses molten salt reactor for clean power

Norwegian company Ulstein have launched a ship powered by a Thorium Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) to generate vast amounts of clean, safe...
The glacier Kangerlussuup Sermia in Greenland, to be explored by underwater robot

Submarine robot to solve mystery of Greenland’s glaciers

It’s the front line of climate change and could hold the key to predicting global sea level rise, but what goes on...
Whale fluke, https://www.pexels.com/photo/photography-of-whale-tail-in-body-of-water-804181/

Whale poo saves the world

Restoring whale numbers would mean more iron in the water from their poo, which would mean more phytoplankton, and more carbon dioxide taken up from the atmosphere. Whales once contributed to as much carbon removal as forests of entire continents.
Baby loggerhead turtle

Where do baby loggerhead turtles go in their lost years?

What happens to baby turtles after they scramble off the sandy beaches where they are born and swim into the open ocean?
sperm whale

Underwater robots reveal habits of endangered whales

Not all humans are morning people. Neither, according to a new study, are all sperm whales - at least when it comes...
An ROV fitted with an arm for collecting marine samples.

Enhanced underwater robots can boost ocean discoveries

Underwater robots are regularly used by the oil and gas industry to inspect and maintain offshore structures. The same machines could be adapted to gather environmental information, providing substantial benefits to science and to resource companies in the long-term.

Mini device analyses ocean microbes

Researchers have created a device that can swiftly analyse microbes in oceans, revealing the health of these organisms - too tiny to be seen by the naked eye - and their response to threats to their ecosystems.
Seal whiskers

Seal whiskers inspire vortex sensor

Seals use their whiskers to sense food by tracking the vortices left by potential prey, for example by fish swimming. The authors of a soon-to-be-published...
The Sea

New low-cost device recovers underwater sensor-system moorings

Oceanographic research projects often deploy underwater sensor systems in the sea. These are retrieved from deep water by remotely releasing them from their moorings....