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Scientists reveal new method to study microplastics in the ocean

Their technique uses marine sea squirts to detect, count and characterise nanoplastics.If you've been to your local beach,...
ocean litter tracking

New tool tracks marine litter polluting the ocean

Watch the path of the litter as it spreads across the oceans, and see which countries are the worst

Mussel sensors pave the way for new environmental monitoring tools

>When mussels feed, they open their shells; but if there's something noxious in the water, they immediately close their shells, all at once. New fitbit for mussels gives early warning of toxins.
Baby loggerhead turtle

Where do baby loggerhead turtles go in their lost years?

What happens to baby turtles after they scramble off the sandy beaches where they are born and swim into the open ocean?
silent glider

Underwater glider could silently survey the seas

Autonomous underwater vehicles have become versatile tools for exploring the seas. But they can be disruptive to the environment.
squid robot

Squid-inspired robot swims with nature’s most efficient marine animals

Flexible underwater robot can propel itself through water in the same style as nature's most efficient swimmer - the Aurelia aurita jellyfish.

Underwater use beckons for   “neuromorphic”   cameras

For environmental monitoring, distributed early warning systems, high speed object detection and marine pollution detection.

What if underwater robots could dock mid-mission to recharge and transfer data?

Robots can be amazing tools for environmental studies, but eventually they must return to a base to recharge their batteries and upload...
sperm whale

Underwater robots reveal habits of endangered whales

Not all humans are morning people. Neither, according to a new study, are all sperm whales - at least when it comes...
underwater internet

Aquatic internet and underwater WiFi approaches

Aquatic internet that sends data through light beams could enable divers to instantly transmit footage from under the sea to the surface.Wireless internet under...