Looking for new diving destinations that will enable you to see rare underwater sights? For a unique experience, head on over to Spain. This country has several diving sites that have kept divers fascinated for decades, with most flocking to Murcia and Tenerife to enjoy the crystal clear blue waters and colourful reefs. 

More than 80 million tourists are expected to visit Spain this year, and while it’s likely that some of them will be making a beeline to popular diving sites, those who are in the know will head to lesser known spots where they can explore hidden worlds beneath the sea. Here’s a guide to discovering Spain’s hidden diving gems. 


In a small town on the northeastern coast of Spain lies an underrated diving site that’s home to a large reserve of marine fauna. If you’re looking to spend a few active days on the water, then definitely make L’Estartit a part of your travel itinerary. This picturesque town in Catalonia used to be a small fishing village, but as tourism got a foothold, it slowly turned into a charming seaside resort that has become an ideal weekend getaway destination for tourists and locals, just like Ibiza or Lagos in Portugal.  

If you travel by boat just a mile from the coast of L’Estartit, you’ll reach the seven islets of Medes, and this spot is said to have been frequented by pirates in the olden days. Dive underwater and you’ll see shipwrecks, which may have been the result of a few skirmishes on the water. However, the abundance and variety of marine life and corals is the main reason why avid divers are flocking to this area. 

Dusky Grouper, Epinephelus marginatus, in the Medes Islands. DepositPhotos

Apart from different types of fish, you’ll see octopus, barracudas, stingrays, sunfish, starfish, eagle rays, tuna, lobsters, and scorpionfish, among others. The best time to dive in L’Estartit is in the summer as the water temperature is at a comfortable 77F. Visibility is also quite good from 10 to 40 metres. 

Common Eagle Ray, Myliobatis aquila. DepositPhotos

Costa Daurada

If you’re in Barcelona and are itching to dive in a new place, or you’re on a diving holiday with beginners, go on a 90-minute drive to Costa Daurada until you reach the Tarragona port. While the port may look somewhat underwhelming at first, things will get a lot better once you’re underwater. 

At a depth of about 18 metres, you’ll see La Dragonera, a merchant ship about 65 metres in length that was sunk in the early 90s. The wreck is just one of the tourist attractions of the Underwater Gardens Park of Tarragona, and this sustainable theme park is where you can see schools of fish, nudibranchs, starfish, and plenty of corals.  

Nudibranch in Spain: Hypselodoris midatlantica. Francesco Ricciardi/DepositPhotos

If you want to see another wreck, go to the village of Ametlla de Mar to see The Cavour. This ocean liner sank in 1917 during World War I, and it now rests about four miles off the coast of the village on a sandy bottom at about 50 metres deep. This one is for the technical divers.

Cove de Jeroni

Fancy doing a bit of cave diving during your holiday? Visit the Cove de Jeroni, also called the Cave of Jeronimo, for one of the most unusual diving experiences that you can have in Spain. To get there, drive to Majorca, and rent a boat that will take you to the Cabrera Islands. Once you see a steep cliff, you’ll see the entrance of the Cove de Jeroni which is about 18 metres wide. Take a short swim into the cave and soon, you’ll find yourself in a massive cavern beautifully lit up with the reflected iridescent light from the sea.

Cabrera island. Alexander Nikiforov/DepositPhotos

Make sure to take pictures of the stalactites on the cave ceiling, then start your exploration by looking for moray eels, octopus, and scorpionfish along the walls. If you descend into the water, you’ll see more of these sea creatures, along with some groupers and other varieties of fish. The maximum depth of this dive site is 30 metres. 

Spain is one of the major diving destinations of the world, and it’s full of undiscovered places where you can see amazing sights beneath the crystal-clear waters. Check out any of these hidden diving sites for an experience that you’ll never forget!


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