One of the main issues posing a threat to the environment as we know it today is that sea levels are rising at a faster rate than ever. Estimations show that within the next two thousand years the sea level around the world is expected to rise a number of metres. This in turn will wreak havoc with the eco-system, causing major issues with the inhabitants of the seas, reducing the land mass around the seas, and pushing the human race further inland.

Global warming as we know it is the root cause of our rising sea levels, from the situation we see today where icecaps and glaciers in the Arctic and Antarctic are melting at a phenomenally fast rate, to the simple reality that the weather around the world is warmer than ever before.

Caused by the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas) the greenhouse effect as it is known moves gases like carbon dioxide around the world without them ever leaving the atmosphere, resulting in the planet’s surface as a whole becoming warmer than it would do naturally with just the heat from the sun.

Our graphic below highlights a very small area that we have focused on in just one specific part of the world. We have included a number of US states where it is apparent that sea levels are rising, they include; Coastal Florida and the Everglades, New York alongwith Newark and Long Island, New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, San Francisco and Sacramento Valley, plus Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia.

Please note this is not a scientific map, it is a data visual representation of what could be caused in the future by rising sea levels.


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