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seychelles giant trevally

How can we conserve the Seychelles giant trevally?

When it was shown launching out of the sea to snatch birds from the air in the first episode of the BBC's...
diving talk

DIVING Talks 2021

Taking place in October 2021 in Portugal, DIVING Talks features a panel of over 25 speakers including Martyn Farr, Jill Heinerth, Phil...
Red Sea Reef

How to safeguard marine habitats AND increase fishing catches

Protecting over 80% of the habitats for endangered marine species, increasing fishing catches by more than eight million metric tons and reducing carbon release? It can be done.
Philippines diving exhibition

Philippine International Dive Expo goes digital

And you can register for free for underwater photographer, shark conservation, freediving, dive destinations and other seminars

As oceans warm, large fish struggle

Warming ocean waters could reduce the ability of fish, especially large ones, to extract the oxygen they need from their environment. Animals...
45 m swimming pool

World’s deepest swimming pool opens to divers

"Deepspot" has opened for divers for the first time. At 45 m, it is deeper than the previous record holder in Italy...
fur seal

Remotest islands in the world to be a massive marine reserve

Tristan da Cunha, the most remote inhabited islands in the world, is creating the fourth largest marine reserve on the planet.

Tumble drying your clothes damages sea life

Tumble drying in a washing machine releases microplastic fibres as "laundry lint" which damages the gills, liver and DNA of marine species,...

Sound waves show warming oceans

Ocean warming could be 69 percent greater than has previously been believed.95 percent of the extra heat trapped...
2nd Place - Celia Kujala Shot in Hornby Island, Canada

Shark-release shot wins “Safe Under the Sea” Underwater Photo Contest

In April the Underwater Photography Guide launched the Ocean Art Safe Under the Sea underwater photo competition to help raise money to...