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BSAC Release Diving Incident Report

BSAC, the British Sub-Aqua Club, have released their report on last year's diving incidents in the UK and abroad.
The Sports Diving Medical: The definitive guide to medical conditions relevant to diving

The Sports Diving Medical

Answers frequently asked questions such as; What level of fitness is required to be a safe diver? Can I dive with contact lenses? Can I dive while taking Hayfever tablets? Can I dive while taking antibiotics? What is the best crown for my dentist to fit?
Avelo diving with turtle

New Scuba set increases bottom time, is lighter and neutrally buoyant

The Avelo scuba set is significantly lighter than standard scuba systems, yet gives more bottom time! This new cylinder offers immediately perfect...
Ocean Film Festival montage

Ocean Film Festival anniversary tour dives into the UK this autumn

Plunge into a night of ocean adventure! The Ocean Film Festival World Tour is bringing a new  collection of captivating ocean-themed films...

Stunning Underwater Photography Collection

Underwater photography captures unique marine life and breathtaking environments, offering a mesmerising perspective that unveils the underwater world's hidden beauty, especially...

Underwater Military Museum created in Hurghada

HEPCA, the Hurghada  Environment Protection & Conservation Association, has launched the first underwater museum in Hurghada with the support of the Egyptian...

Divers asked to report polluting wrecks

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) is asking UK divers to help identify pollution seeping from historic wrecks, BSAC announced today.
red sea aggressor iv

Harnessing the sun to make Red Sea liveaboards more sustainable

Liveaboards are one of the best ways for divers to experience the Red Sea. Their diesel generators though contribute to climate change and air pollution. That's why one liveaboard operator is to use solar panels.

Revealed: Top 10 Dives in the Med

Europe boasts some world class diving, with great visibility and masses of underwater life. Plus, of course, wreck diving galore. According to...
Great white shark

Why closing Guadalupe Island puts sharks at risk – but it’s not too late...

Guadalupe Island still open to divers, in spite of the Mexican government, but for how long? Why banning dive boats could be disastrous for the sharks.