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45 m swimming pool

World’s deepest swimming pool opens to divers

"Deepspot" has opened for divers for the first time. At 45 m, it is deeper than the previous record holder in Italy...
Oceanic whitetip shark at Elphinstone reef by Alexander Vasenin

Creature of the Month: Oceanic Whitetip Shark – Carcharhinus longimanus

Diving with Oceanic Whitetips The glorious oceanic whitetip sharks spend a lot of time in shallow water, tend to swim slowly and are...
Clownfish eggs - super macro - by Paulo Isgro

Enter the Ocean Art 2020 underwater photography competition

From now to 30 November 2020 you can submit your images to the prestigious Ocean Art competition. Prizes worth $40,000 are on...
2nd Place - Celia Kujala Shot in Hornby Island, Canada

Shark-release shot wins “Safe Under the Sea” Underwater Photo Contest

In April the Underwater Photography Guide launched the Ocean Art Safe Under the Sea underwater photo competition to help raise money to...

Bluewater University Launches as a New Online Portal for Underwater Education

Bluewater University is the first online platform that is fully dedicated to providing live virtual classes in all things related to underwater - including...

Life Under Water Challenge photography contest is now open

A new photography contest has launched celebrating marine biodiversity in honour of World Environment Day and World Oceans Day.Launched by social enterprise Positive Travel...
RAID scuba divers

RAID diving agency makes e-learning free to access

SCUBA diving courses now free from RAID. Download all the course materials you need.
Healthy coral reef

Microbes reflect the health of coral reefs

More microbes are found on healthier Cuban reefs than on human-impacted Florida reefs.Microorganisms play important roles in the health and protection of coral...
Diving on mast of Shouna by Tim Nicholson of SCUBA Travel

15% Off Scuba Diving Travel Insurance

We've negotiated a special discount for SCUBA News readers on diving travel insurance - get 15% off from Columbus Direct.Columbus Direct offers...
Diving with Sharks

Best Scuba Diving in February

February is particularly good for shark loving scuba divers and is a month with dive highlights around the globe.